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Sikorsky to provide Mexican Black Hawk support in Colombia

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Sikorsky will offer Black Hawk helicopter operators in Mexico access to facilities in Colombia for simulator training, maintenance and repair, the Lockheed Martin subsidiary said Monday.

The initiative was announced as a first step toward establishing a link in Colombia that will offer support to Black Hawk operators throughout Latin America, Sikorsky said in a statement.

The plan enables the growing number of Mexican Black Hawk operators to take advantage of flight simulators and fully equipped maintenance and repair facilities in the town of Melgar.

More than 40 Spanish-speaking employees comprise the staff at two Sikorsky Colombia facilities.

The company’s Colombian branch supports the country’s security forces, which have bought more than 100 Black Hawks since 1988.

Mexico has the region’s second-largest fleet of Black Hawks, Sikorsky said.

The company is in the process of obtaining authorization to offer the same services to Black Hawk operators in Chile, Argentina and Brazil.