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Report: Apple upgrading MacBook Pro laptop line to battle low iPad, iPhone sales

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Apple’s iconic MacBook Pro laptop line is expected to receive its first major upgrade in four years in order to reverse two financial quarters of decreasing sales.

Bloomberg reported the updated notebooks will be thinner, packed with more power and efficient graphics processors, and will include a touch screen strip, citing anonymous sources. One of the sources said the updated laptops are not expected to be revealed in Apple’s Sept. 7 event, when the next-generation of iPhones are expected to be unveiled.

Apple also hopes to simplify keyboard shortcuts by replacing a standard function key row usually found above the keyboard with a strip-like touch screen that will display different functions depending on what application is open.

Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint technology is also expected to be featured in the upgraded MacBook Pro line. Users will be able to log in more quickly and authenticate Apple Pay purchases.

The upgraded MacBook Pro line is aimed at diminishing the damage from low iPad and iPhone sales, which led to Apple stock to lower to $90.34 a share — the lowest in about two years. Amid rumors of the upgraded MacBook Pro laptop line, Apple stock opened at a three-month high of $108.81 a share on Tuesday.