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Miles Teller says the real guy he plays in ‘War Dogs’ has a cameo in the film

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Miles Teller says the real David Packouz, the massage therapist-turned-international arms dealer he plays in War Dogs, has a cameo in the movie.

The film follows millennials Packouz and Efraim Diveroli [played by Jonah Hill] as they form a small business and lie their way into a $300 million deal to fulfill a U.S. Military contract to provide weapons to the Afghan army, living the high life until the bottom falls out of their operation.

“David was on set. He has a small cameo in the film. He’s the guy playing the guitar in the retirement home… That was pretty funny,” Teller told UPI at a press conference in New York Sunday.

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“So, I got to talk to him a little bit. I just thought that was interesting because, obviously, our movie ends, but something of that size is going to have a huge, rippling effect. These are real people, so it’s just interesting to see that [the legal cases against the men are] still going on. There are still a lot of conversations being had to kind of wrap that thing up. For me, war is never… It was interesting to see it as a business model or the fact that people were profiting off it. But some of my best friends are military, so, for me, I always look at those things on a more personal level. I look at the people that it’s affecting.”

Co-starring Bradley Cooper and directed by Todd Phillips, the movie is set for release Aug. 19.